Is it legal to do a personal background check on someone without their permission?

Yes. Unlike employment and credit related background checks that are governed by the FCRA,

(and require written permission from the subject of the check) no permission is required to conduct a

NON-FCRA background check for personal reasons. Nevertheless, our firm may refuse a background check request if we feel a request is dubious.


Do you need a private investigator’s license to conduct a background check? Presently, the State of Rhode Island doesn’t require a specific license for a company conducting Personal Background Screenings. However, Queen of Hearts Screening services is a licensed Rhode Island Private Investigator (#PI1658), which gives our clientele an extra layer or protection and professionalism.


What happens to my information?

Our firm maintains control of all information provided. It will NEVER be disclosed to a third-party unless required to do so by a court of law.


How do I request a background check?

All of our requests begin with a brief phone interview to determine your objectives and gather information about the subject of your background check request. Please call 1-401-834-1199 or email historiainformationservices@gmail.com to initiate your background check request today.


Why do people request background checks on romantic partners? People request background checks for the same reasons that business and landlords do:self-preservation.


How much is a background check?

We offer three levels of customized background checks that start at $200.00. Please note that our fees reflect the cost of information searched regardless of whether or not the search results in records found.

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3 Ways to initiate your confidential background check request:

  1. Click the “Get Started Button”
  2. Call 1-401-834-1199 
  3. Email historiainformationservices@gmail.com