Lawful and dynamic fact-finding for law firms, individuals, and small businesses.

Who we are:

Historia Information Services is a boutique, woman owned private investigation agency based in Providence Rhode Island specializing in research and data-driven private investigations for individuals, attorneys and small businesses.


What we offer:

Our firm conducts confidential inquiries related to  personal and business matters using resources and databases only available to licensed private investigators. Our investigation and fact-finding services include: character and background check investigations, child support investigations, juror research, probate investigations, witness locations, competitor investigations, vendor and contractor screenings, wellness checks, elder abuse investigations,  surveillance, child custody investigations, evidence gathering, public records research, due-diligence investigations, consumer investigations, missing persons investigations, debtor locates, and more. 

For inquires contact:

Call: 401-834-1199


Our policy:

Investigations conducted by Historia Information services require a signed Investigative Service agreement and/or retainer agreement before the start of the investigation. No individual, law firm, or small business may engage with this firm anonymously. All inquiries and investigations undertaken by this firm require a lawful and legitimate basis. Third party authorizations may be necessary before the commencement of an investigation. This firm operates in strict compliance with all state, local, and federal laws that regulate Private Investigation and intersecting industries and reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or entity that endeavors to engage this firm for dubious or unlawful purposes.


Probate Investigations

Wellness Checks

Brand Surveillance

Consumer Investigations


Crypto Tracing

Personal Backgrounds Checks

Litigation Support

Legal Investigations

Yacht Crew Background Checks

Employment Background Checks

Missing Persons Investigations

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